Thursday, 30 March 2017

National Highway in Jammu and Kashmir, India's biggest highway tunnel, will not stop at snowfall now

Now the country's largest tunnel has been almost ready to fight the snowfall and hailstorm in Jammu and Kashmir. PM Modi will open the tunnel itself. Although the date of the announcement has not yet been announced but it is believed that the inauguration will take place in the last week of this month.

Let us know that this tunnel is the largest highway tunnel in the country. It is built on National Highway 1A. This will help in the operation of traffic in the days of snowfall and hail. The aim of this highway tunnel is to get rid of the problem of highway shutdown during snowfall.

The length of this tunnel is 9.2 kilometers.
This highway tunnel built in Jammu and Kashmir is the largest highway tunnel in the country. Trial work has begun to start this tunnel, but its final trial has not yet been done. Only after the final trial PM Modi will launch it. It is being told that this highway tunnel will save about two and a half hours during Jammu's journey to Srinagar, the length of this tunnel is 9.2 kilometers and the highway will continue during the snowfall.

Trial of this tunnel has been done on March 9 and 15, after the inauguration, the tunnels will be opened for small trains. It is believed that on the commencement of this tunnel, fuel savings of around Rs 27 lakh per day will be saved. National Highway 1A will not be stalled during Avalanche and snowfall.

In view of safety, 124 CCTV cameras have been installed at every 75 meters in this tunnel, so that movement of trains can be monitored. There will also be a categorized monitoring room. Apart from this, the mobile phone network will also remain in the tunnel. It has been ensured that the network of several companies will be found in the tunnel. In addition, the signal of FM radio will also be available so that the people passing through it can also be entertained.
Let us tell you that this highway tunnel is part of a 286-kilometer long forelane project, which costs Rs 3720 crores. The project started in May 2011. This tunnel is equipped with a world-class Integrated Tunnel Control System. It also includes ventilation, fire control, signals, communication and electrical systems.

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