Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Anti-Romeo Squad In Yogi Adityanath's Uttar Pradesh

LUCKNOW =In the heart of Uttarpradesh .the busy and upscale Hazratganj market, an anti-Romeo squad - a team of 3 teams of about 40 40 mambers policemen - swings into action at around 4.30 pm. Seven women constables are also part of the squad led by a Deputy Superintendent of Police. Walking around, they look for potential troublemakers or "Romeos" - the term many use for men who harass women.Young men sitting alone, or even in groups, instantly grab their attention.
  Police catch some inncent people.
IN Allahabad =Some people are sitting in his bikes In a lane  
is hauled up.

"Why are you sitting here? Is this a picnic spot?" a police officer demands as five others circle the 22-year-old. 
"I work at a nearby Factory" mumbles Davash, explaining that his shift had ended and he was taking a breather before heading home.

"No need to sit around unnecessarily!" bark a policeman who checks the man's Aadhar card Voter Id Driver Licanse. Another policeman, in plainclothes, takes a photograph of the boy on his mobile phone. Satisfied that there is no 'mischief', the policemen move on.

Davesh is left more than a little shaken and refuses to talk to us.

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